VPCEB3QFX/WI - running hot and fan sounds like an airplane


Aug 8, 2008
I have a laptop that is somewhat old, I guess from December of 2010. Definitely out of warranty and no support.

The laptop has recently been running very hot. The fan blows fast like an airplane taking off most of the time. I checked online and I read that I might be able to open up the laptop and re-apply a thermal compound on the CPU so that the heat can conduct onto the fan and out of the laptop. I then proceeded to order 1) A tool set that includes a small screwdriver for electronics 2) "arctic silver" brand thermal remover and cleaner 3) "artic silver" ceramic thermal compound that is non-conductive for electronic purposes. I'm still waiting to receive all this stuff in the mail.

I've never done this before and don't have much experience opening up laptops. Is there any place where I might be able to get disassembly instructions or any kind of help in performing such a task? I would imagine if I just checked on youtube, this might be done, but for a different sony model, and all these things are proprietary.

Also, am I on the right track in fixing this problem with a laptop that is getting too hot and a fan that is noisy and running really fast?

Any advice/tips/anything would be much appreciated.
This sticky has a link to a general guide on disassembling a laptop that might help you. Note that every laptop is put together differently, so when I say "general", I really mean it is more of a reference guide, but the concept is mostly the same in terms of what connects to what.

New thermal compound might help. When you open up your laptop, you might also want to dust it out if it has been accumulating dust and dirt.