News Waiting for Nintendo Switch 2? This tiny gaming laptop offers more power right now


Nov 27, 2013
Dear idiot who wrote this article,

That has got to be one of the stupidest headlines I’ve ever seen, from a so called professional contributor.

The switch lite is $200. The switch is $300. The GPD win max will likely be $800 or more, given its specs and the pricing history of GPD’s older devices.

It’s like saying “Waiting for the new Honda Accord? This Tesla Model X offers more horsepower right now.”

THEY ARE NOT COMPARABLE WHATSOEVER. Compare the switch to a device that costs the same amount of money. This is basic logic, you don’t recommend what is likely to be a $900 device, over a $200 or $300 device. That is called pure idiocy.

God, where do you find these people?
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