Waiting For OnePlus Foldable

May 24, 2023
Starting back in 2014, I became an enthusiastic fan of OnePlus. I think my love affair with OnePlus lasted until the OnePlus 8, because my files indicate that I purchased the OnePlus 8 Pro and then returned it. OnePlus changed, and I changed to Samsung. I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Fold for the last several years. I skipped the first Fold, but I bought a Fold 2, a Fold 3, and I currently have a Fold 4. For me, the combination of a phone and tablet is great. The only thing I dislike about the Samsung Fold is the outer display. I’m 83 years old, and the outer display is too small for me to use comfortably.

I want a foldable phone, but I’d like one with a larger outer display. Google has recently announced a foldable with a larger outer display, but I don’t like Pixel’s user interface, and my favorite launcher, Nova Prime, is not optimized for foldable phones. A foldable phone that looks like it could be perfect for me is the Oppo Find N2, but that phone is not available in the U. S.

Here's where OnePlus comes back into the picture. I’ve read reports that OnePlus is working on a foldable phone that will be available in the U. S., and will be based on the Oppo Find N3. It’s been a long time since I’ve used a OnePlus phone, so I traded in my backup phone, a Pixel 7, and purchased a OnePlus 11 5G. Boy, have I been impressed! The phone is well-designed, the operation is fast and smooth, and it has a very good display, good battery life, and very fast charging. The user interface is good, although not on par with Nova Prime. The only major feature lacking is wireless charging. I still need my Fold 4, but I’m going to keep the OnePlus 11G as a backup phone.

For me, OnePlus is back, and when OnePlus announces the availability of its foldable phone, I will be one of the first in line (hoping it includes wireless charging).