Question Wall mounting for 50" TV on mounting plates already installed?

Nov 26, 2020
Hi everyone - I'm trying to mount a 50" Vizio flat-screen with a 200x200 VESA. The previous owner of the condo I'm renting had already installed Samsung Ultra-Thin wall plates - and used their wall mount/wire system for his own Vizio TV. It seemed to work fine for him - although I need to ask him what his TV's weight and VESA are. However, the Samsung wall plates are installed about 7.5 inches/190mm apart (from center). From what I understand, wall studs really aren't closer than 16 inches apart, so is it possible the previous owner just installed the plates in the drywall? (The space behind the wall does seem pretty hollow, as it's above a gas fireplace). If the plates ARE installed in the drywall only, would my 28-pound TV be ok hanging from them? (I bought a QualGear wire rope kit and intend to use the brackets and wire to hang from the Samsung plates).
Alternately, if the plates actually ARE secured to wall studs, I also noticed in the QualGear manual it says "Minimum VESA for wooden stud installation is 400x400mm. If your TV has mounting holes closer than 400x400mm, do NOT use this mount." The manual DOES allow for mounting of 200x200 VESA TVs on brick or concrete - but I assume that's because these materials are stronger and can withstand the wire tension unique to that spacing? (I'm just speculating - I'm new at this!) That said, even on brick and concrete, it says a 200x200 TV should hang on plates spaced between 80-100 mm apart (and as I said earlier, the previous owner has installed plates about 7.5 inches apart from center (190-200mm).
So - I guess my question is - will the QualGear brackets and wire rope work for my specifications (28-lb TV, 200x200 VESA, trying to install on plates that are about 200mm apart)? Am I overthinking all this - should I just throw the TV up there?! Thank you!
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