Want bluetooth headset&dongle for voice and music


Sep 28, 2011
My PC in based on an Asus P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard. I have been using an old pair of Logitech speakers, Everything played nicely together but the speakers were starting to look a bit shabby. So when Newegg had a big speaker sale recently, I bought a pair that had reasonably good reviews and a decent price, I got a pair and When they were delivered, I tested them on some music and thought they were OK. Then a couple of days ago, I got a new bike that needed an adjustment I was unfamiliar with and I decided to watch a Youtube video on the "how to." I located one that looked promising and started it, only to find that there was no voice with the video. I tried a couple more videos with the same result and concluded the problem had to be the speakers, even though they had worked OK in the test on music. I plugged in a trusty old pair of headphones with the same result. In the end, out of 5 pair of headphones and two sets of speakers, only the old Labtech speakers and an unusably uncomfortable pair of USB headphones would produce voices. (Not even a hint.)

So, time to start afresh.

After thinking about what would serve me best, I hope to find a bluetooth headset for privacy and freedom of movement,

If you know of a bluetooth headset (and dongle) that will allow me to hear both music and voices on my Asus P8X68 mother board, I would so very much appreciate hearing about it. Also, if you know the reason underlying the dropout of the voices, I would certainly appreciate hearing about that also.


did you play the exact same videos through all of the speakers and headsets?

my first guess would be that the video itself has no sound. it wouldnt be the first time i've seen videos uploaded like that.

my next guess would be either a muted setting, low volume setting on the youtube video or equalizer setting of some sort.

i would test the speakers by playing music or some other file you have where you know for a fact that there are voices. a physical file not on youtube. its hard to imagine all of your speakers (even your new set) being bad.

i would say a bad port or card perhaps but you said two speakers worked with voice which makes this more unlikely.

i would try to figure out what is going on with your sound before buying new headphones as the issue may not be a bad set and may be something else resulting in the same issue with bluetooth headphones.

i dont use bluetooth headphones and i havent researched them so i cannot direct you to a good set.


Sep 28, 2011


saddx, thank you for your suggestions. They were all good things to try. But there are so many ways to procede that a complete catalogue of the things I had tried would have been overwhelming and your suggestons were mostly in the "tried category."

I have verified that voice and music are both available on the PC (though generally not from the same connectors over the same devices).

My goal is to find a comfortable wireless setup that will do both. I have not tried bluetooth so that seemed a natural candidate. I have had success with USB so maybe wireless USB would be the way to go?

At this point, I would be happy to try options that have worked for others even if there is no guarantee they will work on my machine.

So, if someone would tell me of a wireless listening setup that works well for voices and music on their PC without special esoteric adaptation I would be most grateful. Comfort is also a property I would like.

I don't find the "ear cups" that seal on the outside of the ear to be comfortable. I would prefer one that resembles a typical bluetooth "earpiece" but light weight headphones are also fine.

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