Want to add receiver/speakers to cable tv coaxial


Jan 5, 2013
My daughter is away at college and her roommate essentially blew out the speakers on her nice, digital TV through high volume levels. She gets a dorm cable signal with a hundred channels or so through a standard, f-type coaxial connector, but I don't know if the signal is analog or digital (I guess I should assume digital, since some of the channels are hi-def and the tv tunes them internally). I'd like to give her my old stereo receiver and a pair of nice speakers to give her audio a boost when watching TV/DVDs, etc.... but need a little advice on how much gear I need to buy to make it happen.

First, the receiver doesn't have a direct f-type input as some of the older home theater systems did. It accepts standard L/R RCA plugs for various components. The TV has many different inputs, including HDMI, RCA and Coaxial F-type but does NOT have any audio pass-through or OUT ports of any type.

So... do I need a cable box, which will split the audio off and run that into the receiver or something else? Thanks.
If the college cable system has a cable box available then that will have analog audio outputs (hope they don't charge for it). If the TV has no outputs (including headphone) then you might need a new TV to get it to work. You will also need an analog to digital converter to feed the digital audio out from the TV to your old receiver that I assume does not have digital inputs.