Want to factory reset toshiba L755 I get bootmgr is missing my discs are not working


Aug 8, 2015
i am getting the bootmgr is missing press ctrl alt del then it goes back to the same message. So iwas able to press control alt delete then hold down the c button and itll take me to tthe reset process. I have the discs but they are no use so i saw that it asked for an image, is there anywhere i can get the image? I am guessing that they are talking about the exact windows 7 image. Has anyone heard of this? If so, could you post a link so i can put on flash drive then transfer to this troubled toshiba Satelite L755? Thanks in advance :)


Nov 1, 2012
Even though microsoft.com doesn't offer iso's for windows 7 for download and especially oem windows 7.
You could try visiting this link http://www.pcsteps.com/45-download-windows-7-iso-legally-free/.
Hope thats ok with the staff team
I've used this a few times and the iso's are 100% legit, somethings you'll need to get started.
4GB or 8GB flash drive, also you will need a dvd burner and one dvd-r or dvd-rw at 4x burn speed.
Locate your iso with this tool and choose which method you want, after its done.
Reboot your laptop and get started, if you don't care to keep your files, erase the partition and make a new one.
Clean install is the best way to start out fresh with no issues upon first bootup.
The installation and setting up windows , reinstalling your drivers will take about 2-5 hours tops if you can locate everything.
Be sure to visit the toshiba website and locate your model number for the drivers.