Wanting to get rid of background noises for recording (might invest in better mic)


Jul 22, 2016
Hey community.

I'm having issues with background noise when I'm talking in my Blue Snowball iCE microphone (the version of the Snowball that has no settings), the clicks from my mouse and keyboard can be heard as well as my laptop's fan(s). I've tried noise reduction in Audacity which didn't do much, and noise gate in OBS which silences out background noise when I'm not talking, but when I am talking it's there. I'm not a big fan of the OBS noise gate though, it picks up background noises sometimes, possibly because of the microphone I'm using?

The microphone is 30 cm (11 inches) away from the screen and mouse, and around 15 cm (6 inches) away from my keyboard. Usually I sit about 15-20 cm (5-7 inches) away from the microphone.
Yes, my pop-filter is a sock thing.

This is a video I recorded using OBS having the microphone recording the whole time without noise gate or anything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJtTcoTt6-w
In case it's a bit confusing, I'm the guy at 0:33 saying "what the fuck is going on?". But yeah, background noises and click sounds from my mouth is clear (I assume the click sounds is because of my "socky" pop-filter socking at filtering).

I don't know if it is of any use or not, but here's how it sounds when I'm not talking: http://vocaroo.com/i/s145xo1MF9aa
I have tried to hold up the microphone in a position as if it was on a boom arm or larger tripod, and it didn't change much: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1dxD1XcsdsR

Investing in a better microphone?
I'm not much of an audio guy, so I would like everything to be as simple as possible, eg. only having to adjust one or two settings and then the rest would be taken care of by the microphone itself, hence why I've considered to invest in a better microphone (unless there is a not too complicated way to "fix" the above mentioned). I'm willing to spend maximum $230 (€200, £175), but preferably around $180-200 (€160-175, £140-150) so I can also invest in accessories.
I don't know which microphone that would be... I've looked at almost all comparison videos on YouTube on the best USB microphones in the price range mentioned above, but the quality in the comparison videos are so different, same with the background noises. The two microphones in my spotlight at the moment is the Blue Yeti and the AT2020+, I don't know if there's a God microphone hiding somewhere, hence why I'm also asking for opinions on that here.

Thanks in advance.