Wanting to upgrade my toshiba c660-268


Nov 24, 2015
Hello there ! Let me skip the chit chat basically I want to upgrade my toshiba satellite c660-268 so I can play gta v on the highest possible graphics avaliable .. I'm sure the only way possible is to change my motherboard and find one that will fit in my casing .. I was hoping you guys could help me out .. with what I can do to upgrade my existing hardware or if I can change the mother board and all the other tid bits thanks so much

Money is not an issue and I'm not looking to buy a brand new pc I want to fully spec out my pc



You can't do anything other than buy a new laptop.

Laptops are not like desktops each laptop model has a specific design so basically there is one and only one motherboard that will fit in your Toshiba Satellite C660-268... the one that Toshiba designed for it. Laptop upgrades are usually limited to RAM and a hard drive or SSD. Some laptops will allow you to upgrade the CPU, but that ability is slowly fading away because the trend has been moving towards CPUs soldered directly into the mother.

Laptops that relies solely on integrated graphics cannot be upgrade with a graphics chip since there is no where to install the chip. The vast majority of laptops with dedicated graphics cannot be upgraded since the GPU is soldered into the motherboard. Only specific gaming laptop models that costs at least $1,400 will have the capability of upgrading the GPU. The key word is "specific" since there are $2,000+ laptops that will not allow you to upgrade the GPU.

If money is not an issue, then just buy a new laptop with the CPU and GPU that you want because that is your only option.