News watchOS 10 — early rumors and new Apple Watch features we hope to see

Apr 11, 2023
Yeah, Okay...... These are certainly features you'd like to see... I personally only care about a native notes app for the watch. Long-term advantages for Apple Watch users include the following:

1. Native safari

2. An even more improved calendar app

3. A refresh News application (Where we can search, has more stories easier to see, ETC)

4. Make YouTube available on the Apple Watch!!!! It is big enough that it can handle YouTube, they already made WatchTube, which has a few technical problems, but the Apple Watch desperately needs YouTube.

5. Give Walkie-Talkie a drastic change, it is so useless right now

6. Add a battery app capable of telling you other devices' battery statuses (iPhone, AirPods, ETC). So far, you have to pay for third-party apps that do this, but you shouldn't need to since your Apple Watch is already connected to your phone.

7. Add more customizable options (other than Grid View and List View). We would benefit if we saw a massive overhaul, like if we got an app library that we could have full control over.

8. Beyond everything, just enhance the speed of Apple Watches, give them all a boost of speed, please. I don't want to see anything in the activity really change except for just a method to turn off workouts, otherwise, I feel as though Apple would be spending way too much time changing something that is already good enough right now. I understand this is supposed to be a massive redesign, but I just hope that Apple doesn't waste its time updating things that don't need to be updated.