WD Caviar Green 1.0tb Sata 32mb Cache USB 2.0 usb not connecting


Oct 9, 2014
Hi the usb connector port on my Western Digital 1tb external hard drive came loose so I took the casing off and tried to fix the usb connector, following instructions from forums. I connected it to my lap top and it powers up, the external hard drive powers up and spins but it will not show connection on my lap top. Seems like it might be fried.

Is there any other way that I can get the data off this external hard drive. I have seen information about swapping the sata card and other information about connecting to the motherboard. I am a newbie to all of this and would really like to try and fix this hard drive to at least get the data off and be done with it.

If there is any way that I may be able to do this please let me know and like I said I'm a newbie so detailed explanation would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Hi there CorzaMurph,

What is the model of your WD external drive? It is possible that the drive is hardware encrypted so connecting it directly through SATA might not work.
After it is powered up and seems ok, is it recognized by Disk Management, Device Manager, BIOS?