Weird HDMI Problem (Laptop - HDTV)




I have a LG 47LM615S 3D Led TV and HP Pavilion dv5-1021et laptop. I hooked up those two by using a Philips 550 series HDMI cable (gold, 5m). I experience weird problems.

When I open my laptop and my TV, sometimes the TV recognizes the laptop and displays my desktop. Sometimes it doesn't and I need to plug in and out the HDMI cable 5-6 times in order to make it recognize my laptop.

Sometimes, the display goes on and off (black screen-desktop, black screen-desktop for a couple of times). And sometimes after that it says "no signal", although there MUST be signal!

However when I am lucky, I can use it 2-3 hours without interruption. However if I just turn the TV off and on again; or if I just restart my computer; the same problems appear.

Any help?


it seems like you are relying on autodetect with your hdmi out port. depending on which device you turn on first this may or may not work when you restart your pc.

there is a shortcut to change the display modes on laptops.. one of the f-keys should have a few boxes on it or a box with lines next to it. push the fn key and that key to cycle the modes.

-laptop screen on
-laptop screen on, external display on
-laptop screen off, external display off

when in the third mode the resolution should match the resolution of the tv.

if the tv lists no signal then there really may be no signal (hence the message). it could be a bad cable (in this case doubtful). it could be a bad port (in this case doubtful) or it could be bad drivers, program settings or display modes/settings (i believe this is the case).

in general if you want to avoid any issues

start the laptop up (default display mode)
after the laptop boots up start the tv
swap the display mode to mode 2 or 3
...use the pc...
when ready to shut down change the display mode to 1
shut down the pc

you can probably dont have to change the display settings back and forth but if you forget about it and you leave the laptop display off you might think the laptop has problems when you go to use it next time (unless you remember to turn it back on using the fn+fkey command that is)

try this...see if it fixes the issue.


Oct 6, 2012
Hi, than you for your reply ssddx, however it couldn't solve the problem unfortunately. I always use my tv screen displaying my desktop by chance :/

Plus; I have a another problem. When I play videos fullscreen and with 16:10 ratio; in each 2-3 seconds, a frame before 2-3 secons is displayed and the video goes on like this. Though, not sure if I could explain my problem.

This only happens when I watch videos fullscreen and 16:10 ratio (if I watch fullscreen 16:9 or other, it does not). I use BS player, HP laptop with Nividia display adapter, LG led v. Is there a solution known to this?



does turning the laptop on first, letting it boot and then turning on the tv help?

in all of the issues i have had boot order or display modes were always the culprit.

will the tv go from signal to no signal back to signal again without you touching it or does shifting the laptop around cause this? if shifting does then it could be a bad port or bad wire

not sure what you mean about the video. are you saying that in 16:9 video playback is fine but in 16:10 you get one frame displayed for 2-3 seconds then another one for 2-3 seconds, etcetera? is this standard 1080p video (with just black bars top and bottom)? not sure why it would be treated any differently.
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