Solved! weird issue with pc/tv/sound system

Sep 24, 2019
I'm fairly new to connecting sound systems to my tv/pc. I have a yahama receiver and i currently have it connected to my pc via hdmi using the HDMI 1 port on the receiver and an HDMI port on my GPU. I then have my tv connected to my pc using port 1 on the LG c9 and the second HDMI port on my gpu.

The issue I'm having is this sets my pc as having 2 screens and the only way to get sound is to have the screens extended. This has windows opening on the second screen and is causing slight cutoff issues.

I've tried connecting the Receiver to the TV via ARC port 2 (tv) and HDMI out (Receiver) but this doesn't give pc sound. I've also tried connecting the supplied red/white cable to the Receiver to the pc audio jack, but this only allowed 2/6 speakers to play. I'm certain this is an easy issue but i just don't know enough about audio/video connection to figure it out.
Assuming that the GPU HDMI output is better than the mobo HDMI output use that only.
If you want to use the TV without the receiver then connect the GPU to the TV and use the HDMI-ARC or optical output of the TV to get audio to the receiver. Check the TV manual on how to turn on and use either. You may have to turn the TV speakers off and set it to output in bitstream.
You will likely get better sound if you connect the GPU directly to the receiver. The receiver HDMI output goes to the TV. Use the HDMI-ARC input on the TV if you want sound to get from the TV tuner or apps to the receiver. If not it doesn't matter which HDMI input you use. All your other sources connect to the either the receiver or the TV directly.