Weird virus coming from I think Google Chrome...?

Michael Hillyer

Dec 5, 2014
This VIRUS shows up as a URL virus, so it's being detected and wiped. It's coming from weird stuff like Facebook, Google I think because I don't really visit much else and I haven't downloaded anything containing viruses as AVG would have caught them, but does anyone know what this is? According to AVG (I don't think it's true.) It's an application that allows hackers to remotely access you computer system letting them modify files, steal personal information and install more unwanted software. Which is what a Trojan is, OK. And as I was writing this for this forum it popped up and removed another one. While looking at my picture I'm going to include, check the source link or object name. Where could that be coming from? Thanks.

I'm not able to the the .img./img yet for some reason so click those two links for pictures, please.
with a malware bytes and hitmanpro when you have a a virus like this it a muilt part infection. the first part is you downloaded a free program or movie that was infected. after you ran the installer it makes a clean looking program. look at add/remove programs for anything that new like anti spyware or another fake anti virus. use the windows task manager the bad program going to be loading itself on start up to reinfect your pc and registry.
you may need to make a rescue disk from one of the big anti virus compnays and boot from the disk to clean your pc,