Well maintained battery starts misbehaving. Laptop shuts off even at 88% charge


Apr 26, 2016
My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 3537. My laptop has NEVER had any such issues before, in fact, I used to maintain the battery well by charging when it is supposed to be. This afternoon, I put my laptop to sleep and left for lunch. When I was back, it had shut off completely (and I mean SHUT DOWN, not even hibernate). I tried plugging in the charger and the following are what I noticed:

1. The orange light keeps flashing (supposed to flash only when battery is below 10%)
2. Laptop shuts down if I unplug the power source, even though it displays 88% charged.
3. When the laptop is plugged in with power and switched on, the power display remains at 88% throughout and does NOT change.

I need my laptop battery life to be restored urgently. What do I do?
Fyi, I have a Windows and an Ubuntu OS as dual boot.
I need urgent HELP.


Apr 26, 2016
The laptop is not under warranty any more. It's been more than 2 years since I bought it. Thank you for your answers. I figured that the issue was genuinely with the battery and not my laptop. I hit F2 during boot and accessed the system utilities, it said - 'battery has undergone permanent failure and needs to be replaced'. Since I am in the middle of something important, I had to take an action soon. I rushed to the store and got myself a new battery with a 6 month warranty. Everything works fine now.

THANK YOU for your answers.

The guy at the store gave me some tips though.. He said that laptop batteries should preferably be charged when the system is shut down. While gaming, or working for long hours (when your battery needs to be charged constantly) he asked me to take off the battery and supply it power through the charger. I guess that makes sense and using an AC adapter would be even safer. This way your battery would hopefully have a longer life.


Oct 18, 2006
Agree, is it under warranty? The fact it says it 88% charged makes me think it might be a fault with the laptop motherboard which has the circuitry to switch between battery and power supply


Dec 27, 2013
If it is still under warranty contact the sellers support team to get an item return ticket setup so they can get the item repaired or replaced thou I would recommend you backup all data before sending it off.

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