What audio cables do I need for my setup?


May 27, 2013
Hi. What cables do I need to efficiently connect a self powered subwoofer taken from a 5.1 system (Insignia NS-HT51) to a soundbar (Yamaha ATS-1080) that has a subwoofer audio out.

Want to connect to a Vizio TV that has hdmi, optical, rca, & audio inputs.

I also have an old AV receiver (Onkyo HT-RC230) but hoping I won't need it?

Thanks for an help!
According to the manual both Insignia and Yamaha have standard RCA jacks, so a plain-old-boring RCA cable. Furthermore Yamaha has a single jack while Insignia has a double jack, but again Insignia manual says in this case hook up to either jack is fine.

Amazing manuals information.
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