What blinking caps lock means when notebook is powered on from sleep on Ubuntu 15.04? ( HP Pavilion dv6)

DJ Raov

Jan 26, 2016
First is first: When it happened.

I turned my HP Pavilion dv6 to sleep mode by lid closing. Before closing, the CS:GO process was running.
Then, when I opened the lid, only thing I saw is non-responding computer with blinking caps lock LED with pause in 1 sec. Nothing was responding and after hard reset I saw no messages from BIOS. Why did it happen?

Technical information about hardware and software:

CPU: Intel Core i3 (Don't know last 4 digits)

GPU used: Intel HD Graphics 3000

Devices Connected: USB 2,4K dpi Gaming mouse, microphone, power cord

Third-party processes running: CS:GO , Steam, Mozilla Firefox

Wi-Fi State: Turned on, connected.

Battery's age: ~4-5 years. Battery never has been changed.

HDD's age: ~4-5 years (again), Never Replaced.

HDD's Capacity: ~500 GB. 2 sectors: 499,997 GB, ext4; 2 MB, ext4.

LCD: 1 time changed, 1366x768.

Factory OS installed: Windows 7 Home Basic.

Last OS Installed: Ubuntu 15.04.

Waiting for the answer.


Jan 1, 2014
I would not put it to sleep that does not work on all laptops in ubuntu You can use other options like turn off your monitor which saves battery power. sleep ahs to store data on the HDD. I would check your HDD smart data. see if the drive has errors. you can check for HDD errors with this in windows.


or in ubuntu


if you want to use the ubuntu program open a terminal press control, ALT, T and type

sudo apt-get install gsmartcontrol press enter and the system will ask for your password. than install the program.

read this for how to use it


It might be easier to use the windows program if it will run in the version you have. I use it for my systems.

DJ Raov

Jan 26, 2016

The S.M.A.R.T is OK even through this day.
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