What cables do I need to get my system set up?


Aug 27, 2009
I'm buying the Onkyo HT-S5400 7.1 home theater system, along with a projector, and I was curious what cords are required to hook everything up.

I'm trying to have a computer in the living room, using this audio system for sound, and a projector for a second monitor. Would I simply need 2 HDMI cables, one from the PC to the receiver, then receiver to projector? Let me know what all cables I should order with my new setup. Thanks!


Whatever cables you order, don't be suckered into paying $$$ for fancy cables.
I recently ordered a 30 foot HDMI cable for $5 + $5 shipping, and it worked great, from Amazon.
That is much better than paying $125 for a "monster cable" which will accomplish the exact same thing, and no better.
Watch out that you don't get ripped off by overpriced cable vendors. These overpriced cables don't work any better than the cheap ones!


Dec 26, 2011
Well thats not entirely true... There are better cables than others, but you need a system that you can see and hear the difference on. The big thing being the true display quality and sound quality, and if the sound meets the video at the precise timing. I have seen cheap model HDMI cables be very guilty of bad audio timing, but great video quality.

But for the most part you are right. When running in big lengths, I prefer a better cable, with better shielding and materials.

You will need One cable from each source to the receiver and then one solo cable HDMI with audio turned off, from the receiver to projector! As long as your receiver is capable of video switching and upconverting, then you can connect any display source to it and it will all feed out the HDMI, some will not send signals lower than 720p through and HDMI you will need component video outs to run those.

Most modern receivers can run all video sources out a single HDMI and they auto convert and the TV auto converts. So ideally just one cable from each source and one from the receiver to projector!
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