News What do do if you still haven't received your tax refund

Sep 23, 2021
This is great but doesn't answer any of my questions, one being what I should do if I haven't received my refund. I've gone thru 'find my refund' online and the response is "we can't tell you anything", and I've tried the irs number and I get the same or they hang up. I've even tried my local office and all they will say is that I have make an appt but I make an appt because there are no appts available.

I filed my return in may by mail. Maybe not the smartest to send by mail but I've been doing it since 1973, and I don't trust the irs enough to give them my banking info. 2019 I didn't get my refund until november but at least they ack that they received my return. This time I don't know what happened to it and I don't know if I should file again or not. Everything I've read from the irs says don't file again. If I don't receive this in the next few months how do I carry this over to next year's filing?