Info What do you need to make professional music with your laptop

Apr 26, 2019
As long as you have a laptop to install your music production software and plug-ins you will need 5 more studio tools.
  1. DAW (music production software): With a DAW installed in your laptop you will be able to create and compose your first music ideas. You can do literally everything in there. Professional producers record, edit, mix and master their songs in a DAW before sending it to a record label.
  2. Studio Headphones: for obvious reasons you need a pair of studio-quality headphones to properly hear your tracks when recording and mixing.
  3. Monitor speakers: Studio headphones will not give you a proper stereo presentation of your music. So, you might want to invest in some monitor speakers for better results.
  4. MIDI keyboard controller: 25, 49, 61 key-count controllers that integrate with your DAW software, are the things you need to check before buying a MIDI keyboard.
  5. Audio interface (sound card): is a device that allows you to connect instruments, microphones and sound outputs to your computer. Unless you’re planning to exclusively use VSTs and samples in your productions, or have a built-in sound card in your PC, the audio interface is a necessity.
Especially at the beginning when you haven’t started to make money, you don’t need to spend big bucks on some tools that you will not be able to use them yet.
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