What Does Apple Have Planned for TV?

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I already get just about everything I want on Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix. Most of the time with cable I look through the listings and see crap. Just the occassional good show on AMC or Showtime, movie on TCM, sporting event or documentary on PBS.

Since Discovery, History, Nat Geo have all turned their backs on documentaries there isn't much left to watch on TV. Most of the time I just see a bunch of garbage on the listings and switch to the Roku or my Media Center PC. There I am always certain to find something good. Plus I can burn through entire series rather than waiting week after week then year after year for the show to play out.

If I could I'd just pay for a subscription to Showtime, AMC, Smithsonian, PBS and whatever sports channels I need to watch the Braves, Tennis and car racing in HD. Heck for AMC all I want is Hell on Wheels and Low Winter Sun now that Breaking Bad is gone.


Jul 16, 2009
It will be an updated Apple TV box that has a faster CPU, probably 64bit, touted as twice as fast as the last one. The previous version will still be sold side-by-side but will have multi-coloured plastic cases. The whole world will hold it's breath for a moment and exhale loudly



Oct 4, 2013
There is one thing Apple can do and will do sooner or later (or someone else):
Instead only TV box, Apple can create Media Center Box (call it iCentre, iFamily, iBox, which would include:
- Game Console. Using iphones with additional controlls attached to them to control games.
- Media Hub (connecting all internet news, channels, weather to one place in big screen)
- TV (Air, network, paid channels) (4K apparently size)
- Connecting your iPads, phones to one place, like phone messages or video calls, like phone or just network messengers like skype, ICQ, etc plus any other usefull software which would want to be shown on big screen)
- Connecting/Controlling Home devices, like room light, external cammeras, gadgets etc feel free to add)
- Of course include media storage or connectivity to storage for this device and all other devices.
- Connect Health devices (like future Apple iWatch or more) and show current health status for family in secure mode (not widely accessible)
- show map where allowed devices for family members are, like children phones
- Games would be bought for a family not only to one device (like additional family pack option), Apple would need to create new family law allow more than 5 devices access the same content which would be shared across Media Centre, iphones, ipads, iwatches, ipods and any more devices. They would need to be simply registered for one address, limitation as same surname, how many devices attached and how to control it I am leaving to Apple, but it is possible if people will be smart and will not overabuse this system)

They have already 64 bit chip, this chip is future proof for phone, that is one thing, but I would not be surprised if they have bigger plans for it like put it or new 64 processor version to Apple Media Centre with 4/6/8 GB of RAM, SSD Drive for quick live data access, and standard Storage HDD disk for movies and huge bulky data.
Look at design of new iMAC. It almost look like home centre console, I would use similar design, which would just pack different architecture inside or even similar because it can be both iOS and MAC friendly.
Now I am thinking that this iCentre could be supporting Macs too, that means some kind of dual system, or something in between. Right know I can hardly figure what it could be.

I am sure there can be more stuff added to it.
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