What headphones?


Apr 9, 2012
Hey guys I have a $300 cap on this. I certainly would like to spend as little as possible so if you could show me the cheap option and then the better more expensive option, or even at that, if theres a cheap good pair!

What do I listen to?
Dave Matthews Band
Mumford and sons
Pretty much all dubstep

What am i looking for?
Best quality for the money.
Comfort for hours of listening.
Preferably Over ear.

Noise reduction?
Not as much, but would be a plus if you could get that in there some how.



Aug 20, 2012
You don't need to spend $300, you can get amazing headphones in the $80-$150 range.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro - $95

The Sennheisers are the only one I actually own so I can tell you my experience with them. They sound great with any kind of music and really block out a ton of noise. They're really bulky though, not terribly uncomfortable, but wearing them for hours is a little fatiguing. They're one of the most popular high end headphones out there because of the quality for the price, and the durability. They're also an industry standard and because of their great isolation they're used for everything from recording music to filming and editing video (seriously, after owning these I see them everywhere) I've had mine for about 4 years and getting kind of tired of them, I've been really lusting after...

Audio Technica ATHM50 - $130

These are my dream headphones, these are definitely a step up from the HD 280 Pro. I really want to buy these when I get a chance. Another one of the most popular and best reviewed out there. A lot of djs and producers use these. Also they look totally badass.

Sony MDR7506 - $90

Another really popular model. I don't know much about these but they look light and comfortable, this is also on my list of headphones that I want.


Apr 13, 2012
Advise you go on head-fi.org

Good thread for this


Inner fidelity has some good reviews just be sure to know what you are after? Something warm? Big soundstage? Neutral?

A good one that is a fun listening with good no bloated bass is v-moda m-100
If you want something more neutral sounding the new Sennheiser Momentum is a good. This is still my opinions.

i have a pair of audiotechnica ath-m50s
m50s = straight cable
m50= coiled cable

generally speaking they can hold their own against most headphones under $300.

they are studio headphones so all audio is balanced. they are not bass excessive like certain other models on the market which muddle everything else. i listen to quite a bit of electronica including dubstep and they have yet to let me down. in fact, i now have to listen to 128k streams or greater on internet radio because i can hear the difference over lower bitstreams. on my cheap disposable earbuds i can listen to any station without hearing static or other audio distortion.

the m50 sounds fine to me. while i normally do listen to bass heavy styles which it eats right up i have no problems when listening to various genres. i can hear no muddling at all. you may be right about lacking mids but to be honest it doesnt bother me at all. for the price, they really are a decent pair of headphones.

another nice feature is that they do not require a portable amp. most high end headphones are higher resistance so you need to factor in the cost for a fiio or other device.

my idea of bass heavy is the extra bass model made by sony. talk about crap. sure it boom-booms but everything else sounds like putting the speaker in a tub of water (muddled).

i think we all know that opinions on audio differ greatly. while i do appreciate good sound i am not an audiphile in the least. for the price of the headphones though, and with how well they are built and the good sound they produce i feel they are a solid choice.

of course other opinions are welcome. just providing my own experience with owning them.