What is a good quality laptop that will last years?


Aug 6, 2017
Hi all,

I am looking for a good quality laptop that will not spontaneously malfunction.

I had a HP notebook that randomly had a keyboard malfunction a year after purchase. I called up HP Australia (...outsourced to an overseas call centre) and they would only provide me a quote (I accidentally broke the screen, a month after keyboard malfunction, so that too needed repairing) that included parts but not the labour and shipping costs. I wasn't sure if it would be worth fixing since I did not know the remainder of the fee, even after asking them about it, and the impression I have of my HP laptop is that it'll be bound to malfunction again.

I am looking for a laptop that:

1. Has a good service centre, unlike the half arsed experience from HP;

2. Student friendly ( I will be using it mainly for university);

3. Fast;

4. Wide screen (14"+);

5. Excellent sound and HD imaging; and

6. Importantly, will last years (or at least more than 2) without major issues.

I've heard Lenovo is a good brand, thoughts?

Thank you :)