What is better iphone 5 or samsung galaxy s3?explain?


Dec 13, 2011
ill say the iphone. Steel is harder, but also heavier. The use of aluminium is what lets the iPhone 5 slim to 112g and 7.6 thick. It’s a very slim and lightweight phone.
also salaxy s3 It’s perilously thin, which becomes especially noticeable when you take the thing off to access the phone’s battery or microSD memory card slot.

iphone 5 beats salaxy s3 if u drop it.
The iPhone 5 survives a little better, but it’s the glass screen covering of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that takes more of a pounding.The Samsung Galaxy S3 uses Corning Gorilla Glass II, the iPhone 5 a comparable form of toughened glass.

The shapes of the phones are quite different, though. With a more widescreen-aspect display, the iPhone 5 is a good deal less wide - 58.6mm against the Samsung Galaxy S3’s 70.6mm.
Sheer size means that most people will have to stretch to reach from one side of the Galaxy S3 screen to the other, one-handed. And it gets surprisingly annoying.

The iPhone 5’s is more widescreen, letting the display expand without making the phone any wider than the iPhone 4S. Less concerned with keeping the phone palm-friendly, the 720p 4.8-inch monster screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 does not compromise on size.

The iPhone 5 uses an IPS (in-plane switching) screen, which is better than what Galaxy s3 uses.

However, the IPS screen of the iPhone 5’s maximum brightness is more dazzling, which is handy if you want to use the phone outdoors. Its surface is a little less reflective to boot and colours appear more natural, as Super AMOLED displays often oversaturate colours to show off what they’re capable of.

Samsung Galaxy S3 uses a PenTile pixel construction. This is an uneven subpixel array that makes text look not very user freindly.

apps games are better on apple. lots of games on android are stolen ideas from apple and are generic, more fake versions. the qualitty of apps, games is better for the iphone.

Iphone 5 has a better quality picture.

The iphone 5 has HDR which iphone does not. HDR melds two exposures to reveal more detail in photos taken in difficult lighting situations, panorama takes a full-resolution 240-degree view of your surroundings and grid is a preview overlay that lets you line-up your shot with the horizon.


Jan 15, 2013
Simply put: I see it as a pick between iOS and Android. Its all about personal liking. I prefer Android Phones as they are not locked down as Apple's products. plus S3 has a larger screen :)


May 17, 2009
I would suggest to check youtube for that, I saw a few interesting videos comparing the 2 of them. looks like the iphone 5 performs better html5. have a look, I cannot give you the link because I cannot remember which one it was.
I do have the S3 and I am pleased with it. it is just a beast of smartphone, I ran a few benchmarks and it is the top scorer. My only concern is the size, it is a bit too big for handling, but it is worth it when you do things! The cable it comes with the charger is a bit akward, because it is very short! but anyway it handles everything well smooth.Hope this bit helps!


Jun 23, 2011
Both are great phones, however, I am quite biased toward the Galaxy since I really dislike Apple...but that's just me.
If you're looking for a great phone, both are almost toe to toe in performance(a few numbers in benchmarks cannot be distinguished by a human).
I would however, like to say that the galaxy has a few things in its favor, such as:
- changeable battery, meaning you don't have to buy a new phone once the battery dies
- Universal mini USB
- A lot of times, cheaper
The iPhone however is more popular, but the new lightning connector really screws up a lot of Apple fans...


Mar 6, 2011
Judging by your post, you seem very biased towards the iPhone. I suggest you do some more research and reading.

iPhone is very good for those not familiar with other complicated smartphones. I think both phones are good and it depends all on your needs.

The amount of apps for each device suprisingly, are about the same. Most mobile game developers make their games for both platforms, so Android games are not neccesarily 'stolen' from iOS.

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