Question What is causing a high-pitched whine through my PC speakers after I close a video?

May 1, 2020
This occurs most often when I am watching an embedded video (such as on a news site or a social media site). When I pause or close the video, I immediately get a high-pitched constant tone coming through the PC speakers. (It sounds like feedback, but there is no installed microphone or webcam.)

If I use my keyboard control to increase the speaker volume, then the sound stops and does not immediately reoccur. However, if use the keyboard button to mute the speakers, then the sound stops, but returns when I hit the button again to unmute the speakers.

I've updated the audio drivers and graphic card drivers but the problem persists. What should I check next?

Gateway FX 6860 (a tower desktop with Intel i7). Win 10 Pro 64 1909. Built in audio using Microsoft driver. Klipsch ProMedia speakers. AMD HD 6750 graphics. No microphone or camera.
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