What is Surfshark One and is it worth getting?

Mar 25, 2022
This use to be a decent vpn solution! I know as I have used it for 4+ years. However in the last year their Dev team has not only turned it into bloatware by adding so much extra junk that even if you chose to not use "AV Service" it installs anyway and is always running. They have even removed the ability to close the application when not being used.

Thats right it cant even be closed, short of opening services and stopping its service then opening task manager an ending task on it. It's easier and faster to just uninstall/reinstall it however since these changes "bloatware" Microsoft views it as untrustworthy software and Windows Defender will quarantine it during the install making it more of a pain to use as you then have to go setup a security exception for the install.

They have turned a once decent application to a complete and utter nightmare! Pretty sad when devs turn something that was once usable into garbage!


Oct 31, 2013
Surfshark One is the bargain VPN provider's take on an all-in-one security suite, but how does it match up to the competition?

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You seem impressed by the Antivirus. This is in stark contrast to PCMag who shredded it for failing to block malware or malicious sites as well has not having any lab testing. https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/surfshark-one

Also, you make several "It's better than nothing" statements, but how does it compare to Windows Defender? Honestly, every Windows anti-virus should be compared to Defender. Defender is lite, free and pre-installed on all modern PCs. It should be the benchmark regardless of how good or bad it is because it is universal. If someone isn't running an anti-virus on Windows at this stage, it's because they don't want to.

Hard to make an informed decision. I'd love to hear about some more real-world experiences.
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