What is the best laptop for Graphic Designers?

Is color accuracy important? If it is then be prepared to pay a steep price for HP's Elitebook 8000 series with the DreamColor option.

At least 99% of laptops sold use TN panels which are basically bad for color accuracy due to the fact they are 6-bit panels. Without getting too technical, it basically means a TN panel can only produce 256k of actual colors. Thru a process called temporal dithering up to around 16m colors can be created by blending those 256k actual colors together. Not very accurate, but TN panels are cheap to manufacture.

IPS panels are 8-bit panels with the exception of e-IPS panels which are 6-bit panels. Again, without getting very technical these panels can truly create 16.7m colors and are more color accurate than TN panels can be. Some IPS panels are referred to a 10-bit panels (like the ones used by DreamColor) because they use the other 2-bit for gamma.

You can read a little about it in the following link:



Nov 22, 2012
i have a similar query. I am a web design and PHP student at Computer Education in Nepal and i hope to excel myself in the field of information and technology in the future ,,and i am thinking of buying a laptop more precisely better for design and programming so anyone out there wanna help me out. thanks in advance