What is the best way to stream Spotify from a smartphone to a HiFi system?


Dec 12, 2016

I'm going to buy mini HiFi system soon, but I don't know how to connect them for better audio quality.
I read that connecting via AUX or Bluetooth will not give the best quality and it depends on smartphone's sound chip.
What about chromecast audio, is it good for this situation?
Given that you are going to use a mini system I don't think you have to be concerned with quality above that of the wired aux connection. Even bluetooth will probably be fine.
Chromecast Audio might be better because it doesn't stream from your phone but directly to the Chromecast. Your phone is just a remote control for it I think. No too pricey either.
Does Spotify even stream you looseless audio? because otherwise you are lipstiking a pig.

The best possible scenario is:

Looseless (uncompressed audio) -----> Player ----(keeping things digital)----> External DAC -----> External Amp.

Miini doesn't mean anything, Teac has a line of external mini DAC/amps that can do justice to your looseless. Several usd$hundreds, there are no cheap good olive oil.

Personally, I can't hear the difference, my music taste is mundane pop, and thanks God me adobe ears have saved me bundles through the years! :)
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