What is the ideal audio solution for me?


Dec 18, 2016
So, my situation might be a little on the complicated side, as there is a lot i would like to accomplish using one setup. First and foremost, i want quality audio for gaming((listening to footsteps and gunshots))/listening to music. These are the two most frequent things i do on my computer at the moment. Second, i live stream on a regular basis, therefore need a quality microphone. I have heard that any XLR mic paired with any of the Focusrite Scarlett series audio interfaces is a pretty decent, affordable, solution for streamers, however even if that were the optimal solution i am not sure which one would be right for me. I've heard that getting the 2i4 is recommended for the multiple stereo channels out, but i have no idea. Third, i play guitar and would very much like the ability to produce music with said guitar without breaking the bank for a bunch of equipment. Fourth, i was thinking i could need would be some quality of life things for my stream and/or gaming experience, for instance; soundboard, voice changing software/hardware.

Currently i'm just using a pair of Sennheiser Game One's plugged straight into my motherboard, no soundcard/amp/dac.

I am not an audio wizard and am overwhelmed by the seemingly endless equipment available to audiophiles.

1st Priority: Gaming/Music (Surround Sound, good Highs/Lows)
2nd Priority: Live stream related audio (Microphone, Audio Interface)
3rd Priority: Quality of Life (Soundboard for usage of audio clips on stream, voice changer[?])
4th Priority: Guitar compatibility/Music Production (i honestly have no idea what i would even need)

Also, please keep in mind i live on my own, so i don't have a super huge budget for everything.

P.S. I live in an apartment and sound travels terribly, i have some foam panels but they only really prevent echo. I don't want there to be a ton of echo/white noise coming through my mic while i'm using it. I know that i could try using door gaskets, but i don't want to waste money so i figured i would put this here in hopes someone who is knowledgeable in soundproofing would see.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer :)


A good sound card will go along way toward putting all that in one place.


I've been using the original STX for about 5 years and I love it. The headphone amp will drive just about any headphones and it has a very good on board DAC. The virtual surround modes for gaming work very well.

Then HD 600s for the headphones.


1250 page HeadFi thread.


I'll let you do the googling for more reviews. There are a great many and almost of of them are positive. They are completely neutral which is what you need for music production and they do quite well for gaming. I absolutely love mine.

Everything else I have no idea. But it will all plug into the sound card. :)


Nov 9, 2017
Are you thinking headphones? If so stear clear of a surround one.... im using a modmic the quality is so and so, but my audiotechnica ath-M50x are quite decent.... Though I would recommend the DT 770 80 ohms if you plan on doing music work with them. you might also see great sound improvement in your audio experience if you just get a soundcard or dac.


Dec 18, 2016

What about for recording audio? Are you partial to anything in that regard?


I can't help there, sorry. I'm just someone who enjoys music. I don't play any instruments or create it. The sound card has the required connections to get everything centralized and connected to your computer though.
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