What is wrong with my speaker?


Jun 17, 2013
Hey everyone, I recently bought a Sony receiver (STR-DH130) and I connected my CD player, record player and cassette deck to it. I bought these nice vintage speakers to go with it (STV-875). For a week or two they were working just great. But recently, there is one speaker which makes a vibrating or a buzzing or a popping kind of sound when certain bass sounds occur during songs played. Funny thing is, it really only happens when I'm playing the record player and sometimes the CD player. It never happens when I'm listening to the radio.
The receiver says it outputs 280W and the speaker says 10-100W max. Is the receiver to powerful for my speakers? Is the speaker blown? Is it my speaker wires? or is it the RCA plugs causing the sound? I don't know what to do, whether buy new speakers or find a way to fix it?
Hopefully someone knows!
Thank you


There is a possibility you have damaged the speakers if you have been playing them at high volume.
The symptoms you describe are also correct for a blown speaker.
You might want to try disconnecting one speaker at a time to see if the problem is common to both speakers.
Try putting your thumbs on the outside of the cone(not the dome in the middle)and press it in very gently if you feel a roughness or grittiness then the likelihood is that the speaker is blown.


The radio has a much lower frequency range than the other sources, it's probably not doing much with the speakers which is why you don't hear the issue, or at least it's low enough that it's not noticable. Sounds like a bad speaker.
If you have the bass boosted either with tone controls or a loudness control this can cause your problem. Set the bass control to mid position and turn the loudness off. If the problem persists you may have damaged the speaker. The woofer can be rebuilt if it makes sense economically. You can also replace both woofers with ones that will handle more power as the Fisher speakers don't have much vintage value.
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