What kind of AMP for these Speakers?

Aug 8, 2018
I have 14 of small ceiling speakers with this specs:
- 8 ohms
- 100V
- 3w-10w

What kind of amp with what specs do I need for these speakers and what is the best way to connect them, paralel or in series?
Please help!!
Thank you!
If the speaker has a small transformer on it then they are 100v speakers and the amp that kanewolf linked to will be fine. This type is setup doesn't require the wires for each speaker to go back to the amp. You can run the plus and minus from the furthest speaker to the next closest one and so on until you reach the amp. This puts them in parallet and makes the wiring much faster and cheaper. You can use 22ga wire instead of 16ga speaker wire since the thickness doesn't affect the sound as it would if you used the 8 ohm connection on the speaker.

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