What laptop should I buy - for gaming/video editing? Should I upgrade just yet from my current one?


Oct 31, 2014
I have an Asus K55VJ laptop (i7-3610QM, 8GB RAM, GT 635M, 1TB HDD). I got this 3 years ago for $730, making a mistake. I wanted one mainly for gaming back then, inexperienced me, I screwed up - too bad I only realized that later. Now it's getting kind of unbearable that I can't even play KF2 when I'm travelling somewhere - which I do a lot. Also, it's overheating (planning to get it cleaned), the idle temp's about 65°C; when playing games it's easily at 90°C. And it's just incredibly slow in general.

So... now I'm planning to buy a new one soon enough. I still want an i7, but this time around with something like a GTX 960M or something, but definitely not anything under 950M. I need the 1TB for storage, I don't know if an SSD can be squeezed in for the price (ODD's unimportant). I was thinking around $1000 - preferably under, but nothing more than $1040.

I gotta admit, I'm a little biased on Asus, so I'd prefer buying Asus, but if something else has a good price/value rate with good cooling, I'm adventurous.

I have a mid-tower desktop PC, but since I'm away from home a lot, I need a laptop.

Thanks in advance.