What laptop should I buy?


Jun 10, 2017
A while ago, I was planning on building this epic gaming desktop with a Gtx 1050ti, but, since I travel quite a bit, I would be wasting money and I thought maybe I should go with a laptop that can practically do the same as a gaming desktop computer. I know there will be a little performance drop, but it doesn't bother me too much. I also would like to stay with amazon, and with that, I found out that the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 with the 1050ti, isn't on amazon. However, it does come with the regular Gtx 1050. The other laptop I really like does have a 1050ti on amazon. It is the Lenovo Legion Y520.
Finally that my biography is over, what laptop do you think I should get on amazon?


May 2, 2011
Neither video card is high end. You're going to have trouble with some modern games in high settings. Otherwise they're competent cards. Games like Overwatch will run at 60FPS at medium to high settings.

I would buy the most powerful laptop you can afford. If you can spend $1000 and get superior hardware, then go that route. Tomshardware had good things to say about the latest Dell laptops. Look up reviews for the Lenovo Legion Y520 and see what they say about that one.
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