Solved! What Microphone Should I Get?

Jun 13, 2018
Hi everyone!

I am currently looking for a very cheap microphone to start off my recording but I am confused as to which one to buy. I would be using this with a Desktop PC.

I currently own a Fiio USB decoder D5, it serves as an external sound card and is a 3.5mm audio to USB adapter.

From what I can tell, I have three different types of microphones to choose from.

USB, for example this one:

XLR, for example this one:

Or 3.5mm, for example this one:

I am not looking for the best quality. I am looking for a microphone which allows me to record my voice without it being too quiet.

I know that the XLR one needs an external power source, which will most likely allow playback to be louder. However, I do not want to have an extra piece of hardware on my desk, plus I have no more available power plugs around my PC.

I would also like to use my existing 3.5mm audio to USB adapter. If I can get better quality and volume using the last option, USB, then I'd rather go with that.

Thank you all for reading.
Jan 29, 2019
Try the fifine k669, I had sames concerns as you have, i wanted to get a mic that can record my voice in a basic way without it being too low in terms of sound catching dB and the fifine does the job pretty well but the mic has some direction issues so when you get it fiddle with the placement of this mic and you'll be good to go.
Good luck.
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