News What Nvidia RTX 30-series shortage? Zotac approves RTX-stuffed mining rig


May 13, 2012
So whats your point Tom's? So what if GPU companies are making a killing. Its called supply and demand. Im not sorry for people not being able to upgrade their system. Its not like they are starving for food and stuff like that. Its my opinion that most gamers are kids from ok financially stable family's with a little extra to burn. I bought a 5700XT about two years ago for $350 not the great brand of card but it works fine. In fact Ive made about $60 in the last three weeks mining ETH on my 5700xt when my computer is idle. Perhaps those kids with their so called aging "2080 or 5700" should do the same. Everyone is here to make money. I dont see an article for "Toms Hardware uses excessive ads that take up over 50% of the reading space to make more money" anywhere... Geez wake up