What other item do I need to purchase to connect my x-530 surround speakers to my tv?


Oct 28, 2013
From Page 3 (bottom Left) of the setup manual indicates that you can plug an analog RCA patch cord into the "video game adapter" and then plug in the leads from the speakers.

B. If you have a... ("analog audio out source")
• Connect the green, black and orange plugs from the audio input
cable to the 3 stereo mini jacks on the video game adapter.
• Connect the red and white RCA audio cables from your ("analog audio out")
to the RCA audio jacks to the video game adapter.

I'm assuming that they included the adapter and that you don't have to purchase it separately, and that the TV has an RCA Audio out.
I was reading from this manual (http://logitech-en-emea.custhelp.com/ci/fattach/get/382880/0/filename/x530_Manual_AMR.pdf)