Question what phone companies are doing internet now


Aug 20, 2016
i have comcast now for internet and 10 tv channels and they have me at over 100$ so i'm looking at the phone companies now for internet not tv as i have more ota channels than comcast gives me to keep my bill low. anyway i had a t mo trashcan a few years ago for testing and i sent it back because it did not allow porting thru it. now it may not yet allow this but what i was after was porting my security cameras. but i guess that is not as important anymore.

so i know t mo has it and i hear metro has it and some talk of at&t and even version , but if you were to get on of these what one might be better? based on speed and signal strength holding steady? the trash can for me back then held between 75mbps and well over the Ookla speed test site., and the 5g tower i can see it about a mile away so as long as it can hold at 50mbps the should work as that is what i pay comcast now . also at that time i paid 60$ for the t mo trashcan and some are now saying that etro is 50$ but what i do not need is to get throttled back if i use to much data as we have a roku box and the wife uses that a lot and we both use internet. plus we both have metro for phone service so it may have to allow us to use the phones over wifi like the comcast modem does? and i have magicjack phone service and i do not know if magicjack works with one of these trashcans?

so anyone use these trashcans and get unlimited data and cel phone over wifi on it and maybe the magic jack phone?

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