What Phone Desicion Should I Make?


Jun 27, 2017
Ok. So right now I have a really crappy phone: the HTC One. I hate it the camera doesn't even work. So my dad said I could get a new phone for $0-150 I was thinking about the Blade V8 Pro. I want the OnePlus 5t. It is too much. I am going to get a job in like 4 months. So should I buy the Blade V8 pro now then save up or should I just save up. Also if I get the Blade now my dad is going to pay for it but I don't want to waste his money. Thank you.


I just bought a HTC One M9 for my youngest son "13" and the only thing I don't like about it was all the AT@T bloatware.Hardware wise it was great for the price range with a damn good Camera and front firing twin speakers. The IR blaster and remote software is also nice, if he manages to not break it I'll claim if for a universal remote later down the road.

The Blade V8 Pro is a decent phone but not perfect which you expect for the price. The Twin camera thing kinda has it's issues because of poor software implementation along with the finger print scanner being finicky, other than that it is a decent budget range phone.
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