What programmes can i safely uninstall from my new toshiba


Jan 22, 2012
My new Toshiba Satellite laptop R830 has an unbelievable number of programs - too many to list - must be some kind of a record. Anyway, I don't know what's safe to delete and would appreciate help. Have captured screen - ran to 4 screens - and will try to paste here ...

Whoops doesn't work. Can anyone tell me which of the 50+ programmes I actually need to keep?
Hello maggieturp;

Let Decrapifier help you out.
The usual warning: Have all your personal files and data backed up.
Make sure you have a good System Restore point to use.
And you should have already have made your own Rescue and Repair disks.
You'd need to upload the screenshots to a web host first.

http://imageshack.us/ works well and is what I use. After the upload use the first Forum Code option to get the code snippet to paste into your post.

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