What Should i get Dell XPS, Surface Book or Macbook Pro


May 31, 2016
I can pay for 2000$ but i don't know which one to chose. Im using laptop with simle task Web Surfing, do Office Stuff, Present Power Point, watching movie, playing light online game (Like LoL, or Fifa online 3). I need a light laptop light weight can carry anny where and can use for long time for 3 years or more, I hear my friend said Macbook is very Duriable but i don't like using MacOS cuz it's hard to use, I prefer window more but can Macbook Install Window and can access to Data normally ? Since my dad have a 2007 Macbook and install window 7 but it can't acess data on macOS Patrition, And about Dell XPS i've hear them have Tempeture Issue.
Thank and regard


I don't know of any heat issues with the current Dell XPS 13 (9300 series) / XPS 15 (9500 series) laptops . Although I have read there were a few issues with models from 2012 / 2013.

While Bootcamp can be used to install Windows on a MacBook, you cannot access files saved on the MacOS directory because Mac OS and Windows use different file formats. There is no point in getting a MacBook if you do not like using Mac OS or have no use for it.

The Surface Book is a nice, but pretty expensive 2-in-1 convertible laptop. I would only get it if you need a laptop with a detachable keyboard and you want to draw / take notes with a digital pen.

I would get the Dell XPS 13 / XPS 15. They are very good laptops and the thin bezel of the Infinity Display gives them a smaller footprint making close to the size of a 12" / 14" laptop. All laptops can develop problems even high quality laptops. I would say you are going to have problems with nearly all laptop purchased in the US because warranties for electronics are typically limited to the country where you purchased it. Lenovo ThinkPads are the only laptops off the top of my head that typically comes with international warranties.

If you purchase a Dell laptop in the US, then you can complete the following form to transfer warranty and ownership to your native country. Read through it to understand the limitations. For example, it is possible that if your Dell laptop require warranty service, you may need to pay international shipping (both ways) to get it serviced.



Jan 30, 2006
I personally run MacBook Pro, but I'm an IT pro, and know the ins, and outs of the inter-platform compatibilities. I do run Windows, and several other flavours of *nix on it. Very fast, fairly light, and yes, durable as heck. But in your case, I would look more towards the Dell XPS. The SurfaceBooks are a little on the expensive side. Right up there with the Macs, and they don't quite have the proven track record yet. I really do like the SurfaceBook, and in another 5 years (I've already had my MBP for 5) when my Mac finally dies, or becomes too slow for me, I'd look into that line if it's still around.

Long story short. Go with the XPS.


May 31, 2016

Is the XPS Worth the money and not have issue (Tempeture, Wifi,...) Since i will buy the laptop in the USA and carry it back to my country so if i have issue it's hard to get support form Dell :(
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