what speakers to use for my harmon kardon amp/receiver


Dec 29, 2013
I have an old but good harmon kardon amp/receiver Model 3370. I want to get the best sound out of it and would like to know what speakers or speaker power would be best. On the back of the amp/receiver it states
"speaker 1 (8 0 hms)" and
"speaker 2 (8 0 hms)". Is this a type of speaker power? Thanks
No it is not related to the power of the receiver but to the impedance or resistance of the speakers. Your receiver is rated at 70 watts x 2 into 8 ohms. In general any speaker you like that is 4-8 ohms impedance should be fine. The spec that a speaker has for power handling can be tricky since it is not clear just how long it can take that max amount of power. With your receiver any speaker that is rated to be used with 20- 100 watts a channel should be fine. If you like to play loud and or have a large space to fill you will want a speaker with high efficiency. This number tells you how loud a speaker will play at 1m with 1 watt going into it. Higher number means more volume at the same amount of power going into the speaker. Go to a local audio store even if you think that they carry stuff you cannot afford. Most better shops have entry level speakers that will work fine. They may also have used speakers that will give you more bang for you buck. Use your ears to choose.
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