What to buy? MSI GE70 or MSI GX660r


Oct 4, 2012
I think it's better to tell us your budget and specific games you are going to play.

Do you have a Windows copy or do you need a new one?

no specific budget..im choosing between the 2 for my graduation gift .my brother has gx660 (not gx660r), which run games in high settings like crysis with no problem, i'm planning to get the same brand with a newer model that is why i am considering ge70 or will i just get gx660r? GE70 is a new model right? i am not sure if that also means it is better than gx660r.. i chose MSI brand bec i find it cheaper..NBA2k is the usual game i play, but i also play crysis and etc.. tnx for the rply junky :)


Feb 11, 2012
The 670 PE i have two not all cards are suffering from the s "supposedly cheat " it's fishy how the whole story came about i think there more to it maybe a personal thing i don't know but bottom line....mine sure don't have any issues why didn't other professional review sites notice this when testing the card how come every site the card is still being sold on + have 4 out of five star rating you need to do research and then decide what's best for you and if your willing to believe one source claiming this over all others not anyway hope this helps good luck!