What to buy to combine two male inputs to one female output


Apr 12, 2014
For a while now I've been looking around for a 3.5mm splitter 2m 1f, so I can use my headset with my Xbox One controller and play music off my phone. So combining two male audio inputs to one female output, it looks like a mixer is what I want, but I want to check before I buy one, can someone recommend a cheap product for this?
Sorry, can't do that.

You say "2 input" that is looking from the headset out, but from your xbox/phone point of view, is really combining 2 outputs, can't combine outputs like that. Don't have a Spock explanation, just can't.

In order to do this you need an active (powered) mixer box thing, not a simple cable as u hope.

Now if you xbox has a LineIN/Aux, can plug phone there and the xbox will do the mixing!
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