What types of mattresses are covered by Medicare?

Sep 1, 2022
Great, informative and timely article! I am permanently disabled, since 2013, and am suffering from several different conditions that would apparently qualify me for a good mattress like those mentioned here!

And, I have my quarterly appointment with my pain management doctor in just a few days, so we will be having this conversation then! I have already been looking for a hospital style bed, with his prescription that does not address some of these issues, in order to help me with my mobility and motion issues, but haven't really considered the mattress being a separate issue. The only ones that apparently are supplied or offered with the beds at the most local DME store are just slabs, more or less, and I have issues they won't address. Now I know how to handle this issue, and I have already paid up my annual Medicare deductible. So theres $233.00 I won't have to pay!

Thanks very much for this very informative and well researched article! It just might help change my life!