What Video Card For Watching Movies On 4K


Oct 23, 2014
I just recently bought a 4k 55in tv mainly for 2 purposes
1.View high resolution photos taken with my Canon 6d
2.Watch movies
I connected the hdmi cable to my computer using onboard video and set up the tv/computer to view things in 4k content. Opened up the picture album and viewed them in uhd glory...they looked great.
Next I tried out video....choppy and out of sync.

So I bought a video card, chinese brand nvidea gtx650 1gb ddr5 (im in china). After i installed it and updated the drivers etc etc. I then tested it out on the tv using the hdmi slot. It recognized the tv just fine but wouldnt go above 1920X1080, and sound wouldnt play. So I searched through all the settings I could and came to a screen saying that the card wont recognize my tv. I contacted the company and they dont know if it supports 4k resolution.
So here are my questions:
Did I just get unlucky buying this brand card etc etc so that it for some reason cant recognize the tv and display 4k size?
The tv supports 1080p upscale to 4k so if I understand correctly I keep the tv resolution set at 2160p and when I play a 1080p movie the tv upscales it?

Like I said the onboard video will output to 2160p but cant smoothly play video. So what kind of card do I need? I seriously figured the computer was just lacking a little bit of umph and any video card would do the trick evidently not


Oct 10, 2011

4k uses HDMI 2.0 standard for correct connection. The standard game out this May I think or close by and the first video cards that have it are NVidia GeForce 970 and 980 series that was introduced in September. Other models can do it but they don't have the HDMI 2.0 so it is kind of maybe and the bandwidth requires some serious processing power and memory and that is what the GeForce have including 4Gb GDR5 memory. These cards are not cheap, but they are notably cheaper than the older competing models from both AMD and NVidia. 970 series at the cheaper price point tend to be sold out or out of stock so there is some waiting period. One reason is the marketing as there are so many old models floating around that are good for gaming, but not so much for 4k.
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