What VPN Service Do You Recommend?


Nov 20, 2013
I've never used a VPN service before, but a conversation at work sparked my interest in making my home network a little more secure. We've got the Asus ROG Rapture (GT-AC5300) Router bridged over a crappy Comcast AIO combo (have a land-line so no 3rd party modem unfortunately), and I figured I'd have it be the focal point for handling all outgoing encryption rather than install it on a per-device basis as we've got quite a few including Apple devices, Windows PC, XBOX, PS4, and Google Home products along with smart TVs from Samsung.

Gaming is a high priority as is streaming from Amazon, Hulu and Netflix as well as video conferences through Zoom so the service needs to handle multiple clients connecting to these services and deliver exceptional performance. Average internet speed tests show our network pulling 150 down and 25 up with a 16ms latency over WiFi.

What VPN service would you recommend that offers the best blend of performance, security and reliability for a moderate home's networking needs?
Apr 18, 2018
I don't think sharing VPN over the router is a good idea, because the bandwidth would be shared over all of the devices and the speeds would drop quite significantly. Judging by your situation you would need VPN that allows to connect a few devices from one account, but different servers so the speeds wouldn't drop much. Like NordVPN or Tunnelbear for example, they allow 6 and 5 devices respectively. I would personally choose Nord even though it doesn't support port forwarding which could be a minus.


May 26, 2009
You can buy modems with a phone line compatible with Comcast, I have done this
https://mydeviceinfo.xfinity.com/ You choose your speed tier and if you need a phone line
(I know that is not the topic you are specifically asking about)


Nov 2, 2017
Chances are that you won't have to use a VPN for your consoles. Only for your PC. I personally tried Express VPN and Tunnel Bear. Loved both of them. I would suggest you to check them out.

The Paladin

I have been using Express Vpn for 6 months and yes more expensive than a lot of those 4$/month vpn services, but I have not seen slow downs from express vpn compared to other vpn services. and compared to a few vpn services out there, express vpn is Based in the British Virgin Islands, a tropical oasis without data retention laws. No activity logs. No connection logs. and that is the point of a vpn. https://www.expressvpn.com/
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