What's a good headset


Jun 15, 2011
I'm looking for a gaming headset for talking to friends when playing wow, minecraft etc. but also something that will sound good when I want to listen to music.

From the research I have done the Razer headsets apparently all have sub-par audio quality and the same is said for the Sennheisers within my range (PC360 and below).

I don't have any experience with any other manufacturers so I don't know where to look next.

I don't care if it's stereo or surround (although I hear stereo is still better) but I would prefer a built in mic and circumaural (fully enclosed) type as I find them the most comfortable and since I will sometimes play for 10 hours straight comfort is a must.

My motherboard (G1.Sniper) has a built in creative xi-fi chip so I can make a lot of adjustments on the computer e.g. boost the bass a bit and because of this the quality doesn't have to be amazing but I still want it to be decent.

I would prefer not to spend more than about what PC360's cost which is $320 AUD here.

So, any ideas?