What's your Steam Deck "rig" look like? An honest look at how people use their Steam Deck

Mar 4, 2023
While traditional PC's themselves are sometimes referred to as a "rig", due to the higher mobility of the Steam Deck and more modern accessories, build out's are going to be totally different. So without further delay -

Ta dah! Personally, my "rig" is an old rolling TV tray with a laptop fan tray on top while hooking an Arzopa flat screen directly to the Deck dock.

I power the display directly from the dock, while using the dongle from my Razer Nari. The fans are conveniently located directly under the Deck, and while it doesn't offer anything significant, it at least assists in the cooling slightly.

The cat is sat on the Logitech T720 mouse I use to go between my main computer and the steam deck, but for controller I found the Gamesir T4pro worked out pretty nicely and those M1-4 buttons on the back come in handy.

Now those scratching their heads going "but I thought it was supposed to be a handheld?" aren't wrong - at any moment, I just release the top cable and the Deck is free to go anywhere. So say I've been writing a paper on my main computer, while having my Deck grinding on some Vampire Survivors, and I've decided I'm done writing for the night and want to lay in bed, yet I still want to finish up that round, I just shut off my main, disconnect the dock power cable, and go lay in bed while I try to get enough Garlic and King James Bibles to evo and become basically unkillable.

The nostalgia for me with the Steam Deck is similar to the Sega Genesis and the Sega Handheld as a kid, in which if say my (older)brother wanted to play something else on the TV, I could still grab the handheld, go off to my own room, and run through some levels of Sonic or Aladdin(best game ever). I'm honestly interested to see what kind's of cool, creative, and even weird rigs people have built to enjoy their Steam Deck!
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