When I entered BIOS and gone to the boot tab no boot mode such as UEFI and Legacy doesn't appear

Aug 29, 2018
When I boot my Acer Spin 1(SP111-31) To BIOS and gone to boot tab no boot mode (such as UEFI and Legacy) doesn't appears which is the biggest problem of "No Bootable Device"

Looking forward for reply

Phillip Corcoran

Laptops typically have only a few user-changeable settings in the BIOS, only retail motherboards have a full range of BIOS settings. The BIOS is very limited on laptops to stop you messing it up and expecting the manufacturer to fix it.

"No Bootable Device" appearing on screen when you turn your laptop on has nothing to do with UEFI/Legacy selection.

It means that you either need to reinstall Windows, or the HDD may have failed. There may be other causes for the error which I'm not aware of.


Sep 17, 2016
Acer appears to have begun phasing out Legacy BIOS mode a couple years ago. No Intel supplied firmware will include it any more by 2020.

So only GPT/UEFI compatible USB drive will boot, and only distros that have paid for a trusted secure boot certificate will be able to be installed.
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