Question When i have microphone input, there is no output (using headphones). What can i do?

Feb 1, 2021
I am using headphones (SkullCandy Riff Wireless).
When i am on Discord and i am connected to a voice channel, i only hear a buzzing noise. Not what my friends say. They hear everything i say.
In the right lower part of my desktop, i have the microphone icon and when i put my mouse on it, it sais "Discord is using your microphone"

I have tried being on a call on another application (Facebook messenger), but there it works fine.
What is strange is that if i go to Sound Control Panel, on the tab "recording", the exact same problem is occuring. I can't hear anything else but a buzzing noise, and on the microphone icon in the corner it sais "Sound is using your microphone"

So, from this, i figured the problem may be from the Windows settings, and not from discord. Or maybe from the headphones themselves.
Does anyone have any idea what can i do to solve this issue?

PS: i have another pair of headphones, of the exact same model as these ones, and they work perfectly fine.
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